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Window Washer|Washers, how to clear temporary Internet files folder and file deletion are the subjects of this article. In the previous issue we discussed many of the symptoms that our computers experience when it is time for Spring Cleaning or Spring Training, Computer Style. Today we will address the fix for temporary Internet files and temporary Internet folders.


Windows and the Macintosh operating systems are pack rats. As you work they collect a number of temporary files and temporary folders. You can end up with hundreds of megabytes of these files, wasting space and slowing down your system.

For example, let's say that temporary internet files won't delete in Windows XP How do you fix this problem?

Now, I could bore you and describe a number of steps to manually rid your computer of temporary internet files and other temporary files and folders. But I won’t.

The easy way is to simply click below to get the latest version of the program called WINDOW WASHER 6.0 from Webroot. It will AUTOMATICALLY delete all those temporary files and and folders. Therefore, don’t even think about it. Just do it. Follow the simple onscreen instructions to instantly download the program.

Window Washer will protect your privacy and conserve drive space by automatically cleaning up your computer. This utility cleans the cache, cookies, history, and drop-down lists of Internet Explorer, Netscape, America Online, CompuServe, and Opera.

Window Washer even scrubs out programs like the immense Photoshop and the humble WordPad and Clipboard. The program will also clean many system files, and the "bleach" feature overwrites files so that no one may recover data from "washed" files.

If you must, and need further convincing, you could download the trial or free Window Washer version of the program. If you like it you have 30 days to pay $29.95 before the program expires. It is well worth the money. Most of the computer magazines love it. I recommend it.

if you have a version older than Window Washer 6.0, then by all means get the new version.

WINDOW WASHER has given several of my clients back almost a gigabyte of hard drive space after all the temporary and extraneous files were deleted. In Windows, run Scandisk or Check Disk (use the chkdsk command in Windows XP & 2000) and Defrag after you run the WASHER program. An added benefit may be that your system seems more stable and runs slightly faster.

That’s it for today. In the next issue we’ll continue Spring Cleaning, Computer Style and discuss the fix for Uninstalling, Extraneous, Unneeded Programs.

In the meantime, clear the temporary Internet files folder and do file deletion with Window Washer.

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