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"Online Data Backup And Storage"

Online Data Backup and Storage
- The quick and easy way to regular backup has always been to do it to an online backup service.

However there were always roadblocks to backing up online.

After all, online computer backup used to be expensive. Prices ranged from $20.00 to $100 a month and more depending on the amount of data storage and backup you required.

Recently a more affordable and brain dead simple online backup service has become available.

If you're a "do it now" person like me and can't wait for the details then Click Here ==> http://www.carbonite.com/.

Pay less than $5.00 per month ($49.95 per year) for a service used by Fortune 500 companies and has been favorably reviewed by the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.

Chose the two year subscription and it is $3.75 per month or $89.95.

You can backup an unlimited amount of data which means you are not charged more if you exceed a set limit like 100 gigabytes.

This online data backup service is quick and easy, your data is encrypted first on your computer and the backup process is set and forget.

A 15 day free trial without a credit card is available so you can try before you buy. I've installed this service for a few clients and so far it has performed as advertised so we bought two year subscriptions.

I tested it with a few restore operations to see if the data was functional. It was.

Keep in mind the backup is NOT an image backup. Only data files are backed up. Your Windows and program settings are backed up but cannot be restored.

So to be even more clear, your MS Word and Excel files are backed up. However, your MS Word and Excel program files are not. Your Windows settings are not backed up.

This means MS Windows and all other programs must be reinstalled in the event of a hard drive crash or fire, flood, theft or earthquake.

With online backup you'll never have to remember to schedule a backup. Any time you modify a file or create a new one, this online service detects these changes and automatically updates your backup within 24 hours.

If you accidentally delete a file or folder, you can restore it with just a few clicks. If your computer crashes and you lose everything, simply reinstall the product on your new or repaired computer.

No one has to physically transport backup tapes, DVD's, external drives or other media to a safe deposit box, their homes or a secure location so that the threat of fire, flood, theft, tornadoes or earthquake is met.

Disasters like Hurricane Katrina and California earthquakes can de defeated by online data backup and storage.

After all computers and peripherals can be replaced. Often you cannot replace your business and personal data. I don't want to bet my business that I can. How about you?

Now, while you're thinking about it, take advantage of the no credit card free trial by clicking here now ==> http://www.carbonite.com/

There is no stinkin' 15 day trial (smile). You're smart and ready to pull the trigger. You're a person of action who would like to Click Here ==> http://www.carbonite.com/pricing.aspx?kbid=4388

Let me know what you think. I may include your comments in my upcoming review of online data backup and storage.

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