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Computer Repair and our Computer Repair Book don't go well with thoughts of Spring do they? The first day of spring is usually March 20 sometimes March 21. Computer repair is the last thing on our minds. Pulling out our trusty computer repair books is not on our agenda.

Therefore it seems appropriate to discuss the time-honored American tradition of SPRING CLEANING. However, we are going to make it Spring Cleaning, Computer Style. We are going to take some pages out of our Computer Repair Book and share them with you.

Over time our computers will amass a number of temporary and extraneous files, folders and programs. Our filing systems, if we had one, become disorganized.

Our computers start to slow down, in part, because of all the junk we let accumulate on our systems. Do we need computer repair?

Our computers appear more unstable and tend to crash more often than when we first purchased them.

Our word processing, E-mail, spreadsheet, photo editors, music, Internet and other programs uncharacteristically misbehave.

Our mice appear to hesitate or be “stuck” before the pointers/cursors move.

Unfamiliar noises emanate from the computer case. Is it time for the computer repair book?

Our once speedy broadband or dial-up connections to the Internet now seem to crawl instead of flying.

Computer cases are now warm when they were once cool to the touch.

Our internal computer network seems sluggish. Our computer does not connect with other computers or only with difficulty.

Our printers, scanners, zip drives, CD drives, modems, floppy drives or other devices do not work or work sporadically.

Why is this happening? Is my computer ready to die? Do I need to backup my and reformat my hard drive and reinstall my Windows or Macintosh Operating System? (For Computer Backup we recommend PC BackUp version 6.0 from StompSoft (formerly Backup Exec Desktop by Veritas) for backups). You may also read a Computer Backup- Review of BackUp PC here.

Maybe not. Perhaps it just needs Spring Cleaning, Computer Style.

Or, it may be that you are tired of doing computer work the hard or long way. You want to learn the easy way and the shortcuts. Maybe you just need Spring Training, Computer Style. For computer repair in Los Angeles or training in the Greater Los Angeles, California area we recommend NO SWEAT !!! COMPUTER CONSULTANTS at 310-392-4840. They are very patient and effective computer trainers in business since 1991.

For computer repair in Santa Monica, California and computer repair Venice, California the same telephone number applies. No Sweat !!! is a one stop computer repair, training, network, hardware or new computer call.

Did you know that extraneous and temporary files can decrease your computer speed? Check out our solution to this vexing problem by clicking here now ==> Clear Temporary Internet Files Folder.

In the coming articles of this series, we will discuss some of the reasons and the fixes for the above symptoms and issues. Take heart, help is on the way (smile) for your computer repair and maybe you wouldn't need your computer repair book.

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