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Uninstaller Programs- Previously we discussed the fix for Temporary/Extraneous Files and Folders in Part 2, Spring Cleaning or Spring Training, Computer Style. Today we will address the fix for Extraneous and Unneeded programs and briefly discuss uninstallers or uninstaller programs.


I know, you haven’t used Quicken 98 (or other program) in seven years. How do you get rid of it? We’ll briefly explain both the Windows and the Macintosh way.


1. Click on START then SETTINGS. Click on the CONTROL PANEL. Double-click on the ADD/REMOVE PROGRAM icon. (In Windows XP click on START/CONTROL PANEL/ADD REMOVE PROGRAMS.)

2. The ADD/REMOVE PROGRAM PROPERTIES dialog box will open. Click once on the INSTALL/UNINSTALL Tab. Here is an alphabetical list of almost all of your installed programs. 

3. Scroll to Quicken 98 (or other program) and click once on it to select.

4. Click once on the ADD/REMOVE button (in Windows XP and Windows 2000 click on the CHANGE/REMOVE button). Closely follow the instructions on screen to uninstall your program(s). 

5. After uninstalling, to remove the program from the Start Menu, go to START/SETTINGS/TASKBAR/START MENU PROGRAMS and click on REMOVE. Click on the program name you want to remove and click REMOVE again. Restart your computer.

NOTE 1: WARNING: YOU CANNOT UNINSTALL WINDOWS PROGRAMS BY SIMPLY DELETING THEM OR THEIR DESKTOP ICONS. You must follow the uninstall process detailed above. Windows and its programs mate and create a DNA called the Registry. If you simply delete the programs, then someone skilled will have to perform the necessary surgery to make your system healthy again.

NOTE 2: If presented with uninstall options during the ADD/REMOVE process, it is usually best to choose the most conservative option unless you are knowledgeable in this area. Further, I do not generally recommend uninstaller programs like Norton’s Clean Sweep. They sometimes delete the wrong files.

However, I do recommend Advanced Pro Uninstaller and found that it has many benefits to the user. My review on Advanced Pro Uninstaller 2008 is coming soon.

NOTE 3: Keep the uninstalled programs’ CD or floppy disks around for a few months before discarding them.


1. To uninstall programs, drag them to the trash.

2. Large, complex programs often leave behind Extensions and Preferences in your System Folder. It is best to keep these files in a backup folder until you are certain other programs do not require them.

3. If you remove something you later need, you will get an operating system error message telling you it can't find such & such file in such & such folder. Return the file(s) and try again.

NOTE 4: In my research for this article today I discovered a Macintosh uninstaller program called, believe it not, SPRING CLEANING from Aladdin Systems for $49.95. I haven’t tested it so I cannot recommend it. However, it appears to have been well reviewed by a number of sources. Try it at your own risk. You may survey the reviews at http://www.aladdinsys.com/company/reviews/#spring.

Of course no series on Computer Spring Cleaning would be complete without an article on the temporary internet|folder. To find out how to deal with it and why, Click Here Now ==> Clear Temporary Internet Files Folder|File Deletion.

That’s it for today. Next time we’ll continue Spring Cleaning, Computer Style and discuss the fix for DISORGANIZED FILING SYSTEMS. Remember, part of Spring Cleaning is the use of Uninstaller Programs.

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