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Virus Computer|Viruses- In yesterday’s Part 3 of this 4 Part series I listed the seven Actions necessary to change your probably worthless Anti-virus software into an optimum Anti-virus tool. Today in the concluding Part 4 of this series I will recommend other actions to protect your computer and data from the Virus Bad Guys (VBG’s). The advice in these articles applies to viruses, Trojans and worms (all bad things).


1. Immediately perform a complete manual scan of all your hard drives.

2. Before using a floppy disk, DVD/CD or other removable media, scan it for viruses.

3. If you get an Email attachment or download from persons known or unknown, save it first to a floppy disk, rewriteable DVD/CD, zip drive or other removable media and then scan the attachment or download for viruses. Some viruses can replicate themselves and spread through Email unknown to the message originator. Better be safe than sorry.

4. If you get a chain Email letter from persons known or unknown about the latest virus it is probably a hoax. Take no action. Do a search on Google for the supposed virus. Email us if you still have questions.

5. If your Anti-virus software has detected or you suspect that you already have a virus, STOP all computer work. You may make things worse. Update your anti-virus software, and then do a complete scan of your system.

6. Perform backups a minimum of weekly. If a virus destroys your files, at least you can replace them with your backup copy. You should store your backup copy in a separate location from your work files, one that is separate from your computer. Please read the review of software for Computer Backup.

7. If your anti-virus software is over two years old, buy/download the latest version. We recommend Grisoft Professional Edition AVG Anti-Virus program.

8. Religiously perform automatic or manual Anti-virus database (definition or DAT file) UPDATES. Please refer to Action 1, Part 3 of this 4 part series.

10. Monthly recreate your Anti-Virus Emergency/rescue Boot floppy disk described in Action 6, Part 3 of this 4 part series. Most Anti-virus companies periodically update the files you will copy to these disks.

Note: Recommend that you download new Emergency/Rescue definition/DAT files directly to a newly formatted floppy disk in order to reduce the risk of infection. Read and follow the directions in the Help files for your anti-virus program.

11. If a virus has disabled your anti-virus software and/or blocked updates to your program then perform a scan from an online company. We generally use Trend Micro (http://www.trendmicro.com/en/home/us/home.htm) and BitDefender (http://www.bitdefender.com/) for online scans.

12. Finally do not forget the fastest growing threat to your computer, Spyware. Check out Spyware Detector - The Twelve Signs That Your Machine is Infected With Spyware.

By the way, feel free to ignore the advice in this article. It is like failing to change your car’s oil and air filter. Like the auto mechanic says, “You can pay me a little now for the periodic service or a lot later when the engine (your computer) fails (smile)”.

Take heed to the articles in Parts 1-4 of this series and you can change your current worthless anti-virus software into a valuable tool to protect the health of your precious computer data and equipment.

In any event, we are you helpful, humble computer gurus here to help you with the heavy lifting (smile). If we can be of assistance please Email us on ANY computer issue. If you are in the Greater Los Angeles, California area, we refer people to NO SWEAT !!! COMPUTER CONSULTANTS at 310-392-4840 in Santa Monica, CA 90405. They are a one-stop computer call.

For additional information on viruses, Trojans and worms you may consult the following websites as follows:

www.grisoft.com (AVG Anti-Virus program)

www.mcafee.com (McAfee VirusScan for PC and Virex for Mac)

www.symantec.com (Norton Anti-virus for PC and Mac)

If you missed any of the other parts of the series, check them out below.

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Part 4 (you are here).

This concludes our series on Virus Computer|viruses.

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